Hotel Trends: Work And Leisure Together

In the late 60’s, interstate business and the subsequent emergence of globalisation in the 80s created a need for corporate air travel. As a result, hotel operators fragmented their offerings into two streams, corporate and leisure hotels and what’s really important is that this is all changing as we speak. Across specific hotel brands and even brand portfolios, this great divide between corporate and leisure is closing and it is all thanks to two best friends in modern society; the internet and the café or dining.

Thankfully for hotel owners and operators, the coming together of corporate and leisure offerings is also a great revenue earner, enticing guests away from the desks in their rooms and into wi-fi enabled hotel bars, cafes and restaurants to spend money while meeting like-minded travelers.

From a built environment point of view, enabling this interaction in public spaces is often quite straightforward and cost effective, focusing on creating inviting spaces, which feel more a lounge room than a workstation. By implementing simple flooring changes, data, electrical, lighting automation, acoustic treatments and furniture selection, a corporate foyer can easily be transformed into a revenue earning space for your hotel, café, kitchen or bar. What’s more is that it doesn’t need to take months to build. Our experience is that the works are often very low impact in terms of noise and guest experience and can be completed in a matter of weeks.

Hotels, bars and restaurants need to make the most of a changing market and consider transforming spaces for dual-purpose.

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– Tom Moore