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The Next Evolution of Social Change Partnership

KABUL SOCIAL | Behind Sydney CBD’s latest social impact and casual dining venue, Kabul Social, is activist group @Plate_it_Forward. This initiative is a social impact dining, training and employer of newly arrived Afgan refugees into Sydney.

Plate it Forward champions the “Giving Squared” model – funding two meals to those faced with food insecurity for each meal sold at their venues. Each meal sold at Kabul Social directs food to Afghan communities settling in to new lives in Australia, and to vulnerable groups in Afghanistan via the charity group Mahboba’s Promise.

Operated by an inspirational team of Afghan women, Kabul Social provides training and stable employment opportunities to immigrants who have come to Australia in flight of the new regime in Afghanistan, which has heavily constricted the rights of women.

Building Guild is proud to have supported this amazing initiative by donating the fit-out of the new Kabul Social venue.

“Using our skill, knowledge and experience, as construction managers to build something that is going to benefit the community — is ultimately a lot more rewarding than only contributing financially”. Says Building Guild’s Managing Director Alex Johnson.
“Building social impact restaurants and venues is of great importance to Building Guild – one that gives the company a sense of great achievement and a strong sense of satisfaction. We plan to roll out many more with our partner Plate it Forward.”

Featuring a bright blue-hued exterior reminiscent of the colourful homes that line the hillsides of Kabul. Rich embroidery banquette fabrics inspired by Afgan wedding outfits and intricate custom tiled tables, the fit-out aims to bring colourful and authentic elements of Afghan culture to the fore – which are highlighted by complimentary gold-hued fittings. These vibrant visual elements are contrasted against the distressed brick walls which serve as a reminder of the ongoing trauma that countless Afghan people still suffer.  Symbolically, this represents the ability to shine and remain hopeful amongst a background of adversity.

Outstanding social activists, Plate It Forward create change through food, providing thousands of meals each week, and employment opportunities to refugees and communities in need, often focusing on one culturally disenfranchised refugee group at a time. Kabul Social aims to provide dignified meals and employment opportunities to refugees and local communities. Plate it Forward are the next evolution of social change.

At Plate it Forward, we have always taken a long term view on immediate issues, building sustainable pathways for community development and employment. Kabul Social aims to provide a great platform to allow Afghan food, culture and people to shine and provide meaningful and crucial impact work to be done both in Australia and Afghanistan through a Giving Squared concept.

Says founder of Kabul Social and Co-Founder of Plate it Forward Shaun Christie-David.

Our hope with Kabul Social is not only to highlight the issues for Afghanistan’s people and refugees by bringing forward these voices, but also to encourage people to see how simple it can be to start meaningful change, and create meaningful impact through something as simple as buying your lunch. We want everyone to feel good about the impact they’ve made when they leave.” With an understanding that a great meal can be the catalyst for change, and break down social and economic barriers.

Plate it Forward aims to re-invent the definition of equal opportunity by providing food, education and employment where it’s needed. Working with many charity partners to donate food to vulnerable community members, the Plate it Forward program provides a check-in point to promote other crucial services, facilitate bigger conversations and strengthen the social change work being done in our communities.

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  • Spotlight Dynamic Social Movement

  • Year 2022

  • Partners Plate it Forward


For all new enquiries, or if you would like to learn more about us, get in touch, we’d love to talk with you

For all new enquiries, or if you would like to learn more about us, get in touch, we’d love to talk with you

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