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Keep it Real: Timber

In so many of the projects we have worked on over the last three years there has been a recognition by the client or the designer that ‘new for old’ isn’t necessarily the best thing for their project. Whether that’s because of the client’s brand message, or the design aesthetic or the environmental benefits of recycling, the trend is on the rise. 

As a builder and a quasi craftsman, I have to confess to a personal love for the way we get to reuse timber. And what’s more is that the older the original building we are working in, the more of the stuff there is to get our hands on.

Timber in Construction Projects

You see, old (and often hardwood) timber is everywhere; floors, hardwood timber structure, old doors, veneers and even furniture. And because its a malleable medium, timber can become almost anything in its next life. Check out our projects The Rook and Rushcutters for a few ideas. If that’s not enough to get you exited about refusing timber, then take a look at our favourite uses of timber.
– Alex Johnson