44 Market Street Sydney



Dexus Funds Management 


44 Market Street, Sydney


Arnold Lane


12 Weeks


January 2018

End of Trip Facilities

A growing trend in the corporate world, End of Trip facilities are designated areas supporting employees using alternate ways to travel to work rather than driving or taking public transport. Long-term client Dexus approached Building Guild to provide such facilities for their building asset at 44 Market Street in Sydney’s CBD. Previously the space was an under-utilised basement, designed purely for plant and equipment to maintain the functions of the building. The new fit-out includes a locker room, bike racks, change rooms as well as men’s and women’s shower facilities.
Designed to be functional and low-maintenance, yet specifying a range of high-end finishes, the job’s challenges were in the technical aspects of the build, rather than the aesthetics. Building Guild’s reputation for attention-to-detail and planning ensure that the complex project was executed to the great satisfaction of the client. Relocation of the building’s services as well as a comprehensive fit-out, all completed swiftly within the programme showcases Building Guild’s skill in project management.

With such a facility, less is more, with the space’s streamlined, understated yet modern design disguising the project’s technical challenges. Building tenants are now able to arrive, shower and prepare for their day in a space which was once an unaccommodating adjunct to a car park. The project at 44 Market Street was not only a success for the client, but for the team, being one of the first End of Trip facilities delivered by Building Guild.