The Building Guild Hospitality Construction


Keystone Group


Neild Ave,
Rushcutters Bay


Humphrey & Edwards


8 Weeks


November 2013

Restaurant and Bar Refurbishment

Rushcutters at Nield Avenue offers a diverse experience, from the bar, to casual dining through to private dining areas, as well as a deli café, which prides itself on being a purveyor of preserved goods. The restaurant is based on a distinct Northern European Influence, with renowned Executive Chef Martin Boetz at the helm. This heritage-listed ex-tyre factory has been ingeniously reinvented to create an ambient bistro feel. The false ceilings have been ripped out, revealing a room that feels rustic with its exposed bricks, wooden beams and soaring ceilings.

Designed by Humphrey & Edwards, the restaurant is divided into two spaces by carefully restored oversized hardwood doors. The bar area features detailed architectural steelwork and a 25m long vertical section of hardwood timber as its surface. While in the dining space, hand crafted u-shaped banquets were made to house the cushioned seats with echoes of similar artisan timberwork on display throughout the room. Working within a heritage building and to a constricted budget, required our team to be flexible and diligent in our cost planning for the Rushcutters project, all the while trying to deliver a unique restaurant environment for Keystone Group. We are proud of the final result at Rushcutters and more so the trust-based relationship we have built with Keystone Group, which continues to grow from strength to strength.