Jet Cafe

The Building Guild Jet Café Hospitality Refurbishment

Jet Café Sydney Hospitality Refurbishment

Building Company Hospitality Refurbishment Project

The Building Guild Sydney Construction Company Project


Khave Pty Ltd


QVB George Street,
Sydney CBD


SJB Interiors


10 Weeks


August 2011

Refurbishment and Reconfiguration

There are a few buildings which are undoubtedly Sydney icons and the QVB in the very heart of the CBD is one of these few. Nestled into one of its busiest corners is a cafe, which has been a part of many Sydney-siders’ daily morning ritual for over 10 years, Jet Cafe. Formerly a traditional cafe, serving breakfast and lunch to the city crowd, Jet Cafe has been transformed into a French bistro style cafe, restaurant and wine bar. The revitalisation of this long serving cafe restores its pride of place amongst the ever growing number of restaurant / wine bars in food savvy Sydney, reminding passers by of the very reason it has stood so long as a testament to great service and solace from the business of city life. In delivering the transformation, The Building Guild worked around the clock for a large portion of the 10-week programme to install a mezzanine level to host the relocated main kitchen. Given the CBD location of the cafe and the heritage nature of the building, our team made great effort to work with council in ensuring no disruption to foot traffic or the heritage fabric throughout the works; often moving large quantities of materials in and out of the site between the hours of 11pm and 4am. As well as relocating the kitchen and installing new back of house preparation areas, vast improvements were also made to the front of house through improved finishes and by reconfiguring the space to create a distinct wine bar area for the next phase of the cafe’s growth.