44 Market Street Sydney



Dexus Funds Management 


44 Market Street, Sydney


Arnold Lane


12 Weeks


January 2018

End of Trip Facilities

The brief for this project was complex – to provide ‘end of trip facilities’ for a large office building in the Sydney CBD – in short, construct something usable in a part of the building that was never designed to be usable for all tenants of the building as it had limited space and was designed for plant and equipment to maintain the functions of the building ie lift services, fire and security.
End of trip facilities are a growing trend in city office buildings. This new fit-out, located in what was previously a basement, includes a locker room, bike racks, change rooms as well as men’s and women’s shower facilities.
Designed to be easy-to-clean and functional, yet specifying high-end finishes, the challenges of the job were more about the unseen technical aspects of the build, rather than the visible modern design. Dexus has been a long-term client for The Building Guild. They needed just the sort of attention to detail that The Building Guild is well-known for – and they weren’t disappointed.

A complex project in terms of planning and timing, deliverables included relocating many of the building’s services as part of the fit-out. It’s a testament to The Building Guild’s skill in project management that all of the relocation was achieved without any problem for the tenants.
The result is a fit-out of elegant simplicity – a streamlined, understated design that belies the project’s technical challenges. Workers in the building now arrive, shower and prepare for their day in the space without ever realising it was once an awkward adjunct to a car park.