Lighting Design

I’ve worked across a vast array of projects in my career. I think its just the nature of working in construction that there really are no two projects exactly alike and in working on every project you learn something new that takes your interest and capabilities to different project opportunities. In Summary, I’ve built offices, refurbished industrial buildings, built fine dining restaurants and upgraded commercial office lobbies – frequently all in the space of a couple of months. But in all of this diversity, quite often it becomes apparent that it is in the cutting of costs or by plain old mistake, that a key element may be overlooked. And this often is the lighting design.

We notice, that this can limit the look of the space when you consider what could have been an enhanced feature or opportunity in the finished product to heighten the great workmanship, and designer’s concept or even the furniture selection.

Most recently, The Building Guild have been working on a mix of bars, restaurants and office projects. If you’ve spent any time visiting the latest, new bars with friends or colleagues you’ll notice a common thread emerging in Sydney: most of our new bars are either in old basements or in obscure, previously unusable spaces.

What this means is that to create a great experience in these bars, the designers and owners really need to think about two things: a) ventilation, for obvious reasons and b) lighting design. Now, if, you’ve frequented some of these underground hot spots, have a think about the characteristics you love about them…. It’s clearly not the view, or the wide-open spaces. There probably isn’t even room for a music band in these spaces; it’s likely you’ll remember the intimate ambience.

Let me share a tip about this intimate ambience factor – it’s not too difficult to create. But it is often so closely linked to lighting design to really enhance the great project that has been delivered. Think about say Neil Perry’s Spice Temple in Sydney, the intelligent lighting design truly enhances the ambiance; the experience and the drama of the built environment.

Without natural light or a connection to the outside world, bar and restaurant owners have complete control over the atmosphere through lighting design and it shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to budget allocation or contributing to the atmosphere that you want to create. And of course, we’re happy to help get you the right advice and obtain great lighting partners if you need the guidance.

– Alex Johnson