Building Guild


The Bridge Between Brilliant Design & Successful Projects

At Building Guild, we are committed to being the construction manager that clients can rely on to be generous with ideas, transparent, flexible and consistently placing our relationships above the contract.

We are a small company with a wealth of experience, Building Guild is growing into the construction company that we believe our industry needs: one with true transparency, real value for money and genuine relationship sensibility. We are not just another construction company.

Truth be told, we are mad about design in the built environment, regardless of whether it is an office, a bar or boutique retail environment, we are passionate about seeing our clients and design partners achieve the things they only ever dreamt were possible. What’s more, we take great pride in helping them get there.

We believe in transparency and value for money.

Working with a builder does not have to be a contractual nightmare. We welcome open-book relationships and believe in sharing our thought processes to ensure value for money. Through every project we make it our goal to be seen as your partner, not a predator.

We are proof you can have flexibility, sensibility and quality in the same package.

Our team is a fine balance of trained mid-tier commercial construction project managers, pre construction problem solvers and foremen with hands on knowledge of what quality and safety really look like on site. As the result of our experience, our safety, environmental management system and risk management systems are refined and built to grow with us. Even with all of this in place we remain a small, dynamic, responsive and flexible team who have one goal in mind; to make your project such a success that you would work with us again

1. a team of artisans; craftsmen of the highest standard
2. a source of knowledge, skill and tradition
3. a dedicated, focused collective, united in purpose and committed to the pursuit of excellence.

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def. noun.